04_that intricate never

That Intricate Never
Archer Gallery, February 2010

That Intricate Never uses pre-recorded and synthesized sounds played across eight audio channels and re-sampled periodically by two directional shotgun microphones. The process is initiated by introducing a simple sound into the room. The microphones recapture the sound as it decays from specific points in room to be analyzed in PD. The patch is constructed to generate changes in the sound and build varying intervals of density according to what it “hears.” The interplay between the coded behaviors, the acoustics properties of the room, and other incidental sounds combine to make a shifting but designed compositional structure. The sounds are shaped by the building, the sculpture itself, and whatever else is present. The original sound recurs periodically, a referential layer buried within the feedback and re-sampling.

The composition of the sounds is determined by software designed to create a sonic theme. This approach is similar, but more basic and fundamental, to that taken in musical arrangement where a simple series of sounds and actions is used to construct a complex work.

The visual sculptural elements in this case are devices, as opposed to images conceived as a symbols, made with the intention to draw the acoustic phenomena into focus as the sculptural medium and drake them the conceptual and formal focus of the work.

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